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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Rice360 Institute of Global Health Technologies stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We are responsible for acknowledging, recognizing, and addressing racism and injustice in ourselves, in our communities, and in global health. We acknowledge and work to end systemic racism that undermines equity in global health and development. We are committed to working toward justice and equity, including health equity, for everyone, everywhere.

Read and download our statement of commitment below: 
Commitment to Anti-Racism, Justice, Equity and Inclusion

At the organizational level, we will:

  • Invest in dialogues with our students, faculty, and staff that seek to bring awareness to local and global racial injustices and encourage partners to join us in this practice.

  • Engage Rice360 faculty and staff in mandatory anti-racism training that addresses systemic racism in historical and present contexts. New employees will be required to complete anti-racism training during onboarding, and we will conduct annual refreshers for current staff.

  • Require all Rice360 faculty and staff to complete the Ally Training for Students of Color provided by Rice University Multicultural Affairs.

  • Listen, learn, and invite input about ways we can support the goals and initiatives of Rice organizations led by Black students, staff, and faculty.

  • Actively recruit a diverse workforce.

  • Engage all prospective employees in dialogue about their values for equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion in our interview process.

  • Include our commitment to anti-racism in job postings for new employees.


We recognize that each of these commitments requires active, ongoing engagement. In our work toward anti-racism, as individuals and as an Institute, we commit to the vital work of listening, reflecting, learning, and engaging.

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